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HVAC Services in Goddard, Kansas

Lying due north of Wichita, Goddard is a quaint town that is a wonderful place to call home. Rod’s Cooling & Heating is privileged to offer our heating and air, HVAC services in Goddard, Kansas a wonderful community. With more than 40 years of experience, our highly trained HVAC specialists can help with your heating and air repairs, maintenance, and installation needs. Call for a free estimate today!

Rod’s Cooling & Heating offers residential and commercial HVAC services in Wichita, Newton, Wellington, Cheney, Augusta and adjacent areas in Kansas. Call Today!(1)

Our HVAC Services

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Anything and everything that has to do with your home’s comfort, our local HVAC company can help with. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, which includes your home’s furnace, AC unit, thermostat, ductwork, and other home controls. Our Goddard heating and air company can help ensure your indoor climate is perfect for you. Get in touch with our team today!

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The main difference between a residential and a commercial HVAC company is the size and complexity of the HVAC components. For example, a commercial business will usually require a larger size air conditioning unit and furnace, or multiple units that work together, in order to heat and cool the space. Our Goddard HVAC commercial contractors ensure your business’s heating and air needs are in good working order. Call today.

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No one enjoys their AC unit going out on the hottest day of the year (even the best AC units do this!). The only surefire way to ensure your air conditioning unit stays at the top of its game is to offer AC preventative maintenance. Once or twice a year, our HVAC technicians can visit your Goddard home or office and ensure all the filters are changed, the compressor and evaporator are in good working order on your AC unit, the blower is working on your furnace, and so much more. Call today.

Commercial Air Conditioning
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There are thousands of small particulates that float in the air around you. You inhale a large number of these every single day. If they are harmful particles, such as pollutants or contaminants, this can cause health problems down the road or exacerbate existing health issues, such as asthma. Let our Goddard HVAC company offer an indoor air quality test so we can recommend the right house air purifier for your needs. Get your free estimate today!

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You most definitely need a top-rated furnace in Goddard, Kansas, to fend off the freezing temperatures that a Midwest winter can bring. Here at Rod’s Cooling & Heating, we pride ourselves on offering the best heating brands, so you can have reliable heat all year long. We offer energy-efficient furnaces that can help save you money and the environment. Go with the trusted name in furnace installations and maintenance for more than 40 years. Get a free estimate today!

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The heat of a Kansas summer can become unbearable. Having a cool indoor environment protects against heat stroke and just makes living enjoyable. After all, you can retreat to your home or office and let the hottest part of the day pass you by. When looking for the best AC unit, contact our local heating and air company today!


When it comes to offering superior customer service, the best products, and fast turnaround times, Rod’s Cooling & Heating can’t be beat. We understand that if your heating or air goes out, it can cause immediate hardship. Let our expert HVAC specialists handle all of your AC and furnace needs. Call for a free estimate today!