Light Commercial HVAC

Light commercial HVAC units are split systems and rooftop units that can handle up to 25 tons of power. They’re perfect for restaurants, offices, retail shops, gyms, etc. Businesses need constant heat or air conditioning to run smoothly, so light commercial HVAC systems offer great expansion opportunities. Without heat or air conditioning, there wouldn’t be any customers. A light commercial HVAC system differs from a large commercial HVAC system because it uses natural ventilation and natural temperature control. Besides, it uses sunlight and heat lamps instead of electricity or big electric boilers. The sensitivity of many businesses to heat and sunlight makes this an essential factor.

Light Commercial HVAC: What are They?

You can simultaneously use the same or similar unit for your business and residence. Therefore, you would consider light commercial HVAC. The term “light” usually refers to anything under ten tons. You can use gas or electricity, or a combination of both. A single split system may work fine. They’re great for small buildings because they’re affordable. They’re great for shops, restaurants, and buildings with multiple rooms. Single split units also let you control the temperature in different rooms.

It’s also common in business to use packaged units. Light packaged units weigh three to ten tons and have durable scroll compressors. However, some can weigh up to 25 tons. A single split system is cheaper to run but requires routine maintenance. However, it fits on a roof or in a small space. That’s what some businesses need.

Light Units Installations for Small Businesses

The lifespan of mechanical equipment is limited. Your light commercial HVAC system may need replacement if it’s performing poorly or needs frequent repairs. You’ll save money on utilities with a brand-new installation and enjoy greater peace of mind. Rods HVAC provides a variety of heating and cooling systems created and installed specifically for your building. If you’re unsure which system is correct, we at Rods HVAC will explain the benefits and limitations.

HVAC experts at our company understand the many reasons behind the need for the installation or replacement of HVAC systems. It may be necessary to replace the HVAC system in an older building or to install new light commercial HVAC equipment in a newly constructed building. If you need light commercial HVAC estimates, we at Rods HVAC can help.

HVAC maintenance benefits for small businesses

The lifespan of a commercial HVAC system is similar to that of a residential one. If your business is constantly paying for repairs or your unit isn’t working right, it’s time to explore your options. Maybe it’s time to replace your light commercial HVAC unit. Alternatively, you may opt to hire a contractor for the commercial HVAC maintenance services you need.

Proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your light commercial HVAC system. It can also keep it energy-efficient for ten years by getting regular maintenance. Maintaining your system regularly keeps it running smoothly. It can also save you money by preventing costly breakdowns.

Regularly maintaining your commercial HVAC will keep your staff and customers healthier. HVAC systems are also responsible for filtering pollutants and allergens. A malfunction causes them to be unable to remove debris, putting people’s health at risk. Last but not least, service your HVAC unit to keep your business comfortable. Extremely hot or cold weather can hurt your business. It can also discourage customers from visiting your store.

Do You Know When to Replace or Maintain your Light Commercial HVAC?

There are a lot of businesses that run their light commercial HVAC systems until they break down. However, your HVAC system can save you a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills if you replace it every ten years. Upgrade to a new model and save 20% on heating and cooling. Therefore, a new HVAC system can often pay for itself pretty quickly. You can count on Rods HVAC contractors to keep your commercial unit running smoothly. If you need a new unit, we can install it. Keep an eye on your HVAC unit before a significant problem develops. Contact Rods HVAC today for light commercial HVAC maintenance.

Rods’ Light Commercial HVAC Services

At Rods HVAC, our light commercial HVAC products and systems are intelligent, efficient, and reliable, so visitors can enjoy every second in your space. Getting a cooling and heating quote from Rods HVAC is easy and quick. We specialize in AC maintenance, repair, selection, and installation. You’ll earn a substantial return on your investment with our affordable and energy-efficient commercial heating and cooling products. There’s no doubt that heating and cooling problems can disrupt your business. Our company specializes in heat pumps, air conditioners, geothermal heating and cooling systems, and ductless mini splits. Having been in the industry for over 40 years, we can install anything. With our skilled technicians, you’ll get a system that’s tailored to your needs.

Choosing Qualified Professionals

Rods HVAC is a company that offers affordable prices and emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re successful because of our commitment to our customers, which is a big part of our business. As a company, we always guarantee a high level of professionalism and honest work from our merchants. The experts at our company offer efficient services and maintain the highest quality for every job we take on, and we guarantee it. The quality of our work is unquestionable, and we try to teach our clients in a way that will help them make an informed decision about the services they choose.

Our HVAC contractors can handle all your commercial HVAC needs. Our team of amazing and knowledgeable repairers and installers can take care of all your HVAC repairs.

Give Rods HVAC a call today to talk about your HVAC needs. Let our friendly team of HVAC technicians handle all your commercial heating and cooling needs. We offer free quotes for all your HVAC needs at 316-776-4088. We’re the honest company you can trust.



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