Is It Worth Investing In American Standard Air Conditioning System?

American Standard Air Conditioning System

American Standard Air Conditioning System has excellent durability and quality. They make several different central air conditioners with an efficiency of 14.75 to 22 SEER.

In the world of HVAC, the American Standard name has stood for quality for almost a century. The company made its very 1st furnace in 1929., and today, it continues to go strong. Is an American Standard central air conditioning system right for your home or office? To help you make a decision, we have put together a list of some of the key advantages.

The lineup has been consolidated from more than twelve units about a decade ago to just seven. However, it is still a good model for every niche. Essentially, American Standard stopped producing its most petite efficient models, for instance, 13 and 1 SEER units.

Let us take a quick look at some advantages of American Standard air conditioners.

  • Sound Management

They run at a much lower capacity. Therefore the compressors are quieter on the low end.

  • Humidity Management

How does an AC dehumidify the air?

When the refrigerant in the indoor coil takes heat out of the air, it gets very cold – so cold that moisture in the air readily condenses onto it.

The coils have a slope with a drain at the bottom. Therefore the condensed moisture is drained away.

Variable-capacity ACs running long, low cycles get rid of more water over the day. 2-stage models are next, removing about 70% as much moisture. Single-stage units are about 50% as effective in dehumidifying your home.

In other words, the more humid the environment is, the more it makes sense to upgrade to a 2-stage or variable speed unit.

  • Climate Control & Consistent Temperatures

Traditional central air conditioners feature compressors that run at a constant speed. When the air conditioning is running, your home is experiencing feeling very cold, but when the AC cycles off, your home feels too hot. Therefore it can cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.

Air conditioners by American Standard bypass this issue thanks to Accucomfort Technology which adjusts at minute intervals, improving comfort by keeping temperatures consistent to within ½ a degree of your thermostat settings.

  • Durability of American Standard Air Conditioning System

The Unit uses premium materials and durable construction techniques. Therefore American Standard air conditioning systems last a long time.

  • Efficiency of American Standard Air Conditioning System

For those living in northern states, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests having a minimum SEER rating of at least 13 for your air conditioner. As all American Standard ACs fall between 13.5 and 22 SEER levels, you can rest assured that your new air conditioner will meet or outperform recommended efficiency levels.

Short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, SEER measures the system’s cooling capacity with the energy it consumes. Higher ratings correlate with greater efficiency.

  • Comfort Management

It will not surprise you that there is a link between energy management and all the other categories – Better in one.

Single-stage compressors often produce temperature swings. In addition, they are usually coupled with single-speed blower fans in the air handler or furnace. The fan blows full-blast air through the grates when the air conditioner starts. It’s not cooled yet, so you get warm, humid air blowing at you.

It is better with a 2-stage air conditioner. It is coupled with a variable speed blower fan.

The most comfortable cooling comes from a variable capacity AC coupled with a variable speed blower fan. The units start slow. Therefore little muggy air comes out of the grates. The fan speeds up when the air gets cold. After that, they create balanced, comfortable cooling.

Thermostats play a vital role in controlling staged cooling. American Standard makes AccuLink Platinum, Gold and Silver thermostats for the three performance tiers of ACs.

The AccuLink models are touchscreen thermostats. One is seven inches, and the others are 4.3 inches. All are WiFi thermostats with a built-in Nexia Bridge for intelligent home automation. The Platinum 1050 controls more than 200 z-wave devices.

Multiple Models

American Standard makes a wide variety of central AC models. They allow you to select the exact features you need. All models use environmentally friendly refrigerants. American Standard unit are Energy Star certified with high SEER ratings. Here is a breakdown of the key differences between American Standard’s 3 AC tiers.

  • Platinum – At the same time as such models are the most expensive. They even boast the highest efficiency level thanks to their double-stage compressors, variable speed fans, and AccuComfort temperature controls. This series even has the quietest motors.
  • Gold – Offering up to 18 SEER ratings, 2-stage compressors, and multi-stage capacity, the Gold series offers a balance between savings and efficiency.
  • Silver – The most affordable way to invest in an American Standard AC, silver models have single-stage cooling, but these Energy Star certified ACs still offer consistent, energy-efficient cooling.

Suppose you are tired of high energy bills and dealing with old, inefficient AC equipment.  Looking for a tune-up for your existing American Standard AC? Feel free to give a call to Rod’s Cooling & Heating LLC. We have four decades of experience as—a trusted HVAC company. We are in Wichita, KS offering quality and reliable support and expert advice on the HVAC system needs of your home. Give us a call at 316 776 4088 today!


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