Air Conditioner Common Issues -You Might Encounter

Air Conditioner Common Issues

The pure bliss of summertime is an Air Conditioner as long as it works right. But every once in a while, air conditioner issues inevitably pop up. Be prepared. Read about some of the most common problems you might encounter with your central air conditioner and step-by-step solutions.

  • Air conditioner running all the time

In the middle of hot, sticky summer, you often use your air conditioner, but should the air conditioner run all the time? Usually, central air conditioning cycles on and off several times an hour to reach and maintain your thermostat temperature setting. However, if the central air’s going non-stop, you could have a problem.

Solution – The 1st step is to change your air filter. It is always a smart idea to try this immediately; filters ought to be changed every thirty to ninety days for peak air conditioner performance.

Maybe your system necessitates cleaning or a refrigerant leak repair. However, when the issue is caused by an air conditioner that is ageing out or was too small, to begin with, you will probably need a replacement. The good news is that the AC you purchase today will be much more energy-efficient because of recent advances in air conditioning technology. If that does not help, talk to an HVAC specialist at Rod’s Cooling & Heating.

  • Refrigerant air conditioner leak

Your older air conditioner most likely cools with Freon. Unfortunately, this refrigerant, once in widespread use, is now being phased out. As a result, just recycled Freon is available in 2021, and even this is turning out to be more expensive and harder to obtain.

Since your central air conditioner is a closed system, the Freon inside will not evaporate or get used up. Theoretically, it could last forever – unless the system develops a leak, which will cause your air conditioner to work overtime, trying to compensate for the missing refrigerant.

Solution – Get in touch with an air conditioning repair specialist.

  • Air conditioning water leak

Occasionally, you might spot a puddle of water under the outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioner. This could be normal if water leaks while the air conditioning is functioning, particularly on extra hot, muggy days. A continuous leak or a large amount of water, on the other hand, is a signal of an issue.

Solution – Change your filter if it is clogged or moist. On milder days, check the outdoor temperature; operating air conditioning in weather below sixteen degrees C may lead to frozen coils and leaking water. If the problem persists, call for a professional tune-up.

  • Air conditioning making loud noises

As a rule, central air conditioners are inclined to make a certain amount of noise. You will likely listen to short clicks, clunks, squeals, or shudders at start-up. During operation, a constant soft hum – plus the occasional gurgle – is par for the course.

However, beware of loud noises such as grindings, screeching, or new ones that develop out of the blue moon. They could indicate some serious issues with the air conditioner.

Solution – Blocked airflow produces some dramatic sound effects, so change your filter before anything else. If you are still troubled by unusual air conditioner noises, try to pinpoint the location and the type of sound, so you can describe them when you call an HVAC service for repair.

  • Air conditioner smells bad

Smells from your central air can be confusing because sometimes they do not actually come from the AC itself. In its place, odours somewhere in your home are being circulated by means of the HVAC duct. A couple of examples are the “rotten egg” scent of a natural gas leak or an odour of cigarettes because of someone smoking indoors.

An air conditioner malfunction causes other aromas, such as burning, coolant, or exhaust.

Solution – A cigarette odour is quickly resolved by just smoking outside. The majority of air conditioner smells, though, signal an urgent problem. Shut off the system and get emergency HVAC repair.

  • Air conditioner is not cooling

It is frustrating when your central air is running – you can listen to the motor – but it does not give you that cool relief from the heat. Reasons behind this span range from “Whoops!” to more complex.

Solution – Go through possible causes methodically, one by one. First, set the thermostat to COOL, not just to ON. Next, check that all the doors and windows of your home are closed and your vents are open but not blocked by furniture or curtains. After that, replace the filter if it is full of grime. Finally, clear debris off your outside condenser unit and wash the fins gently, if necessary.

By this point, you have tried all the available DIY remedies. Is the AC still not cooling? It may have a refrigerant leak that needs attention, or it might necessitate mechanical repair. Other possible solutions are professional ductwork inspection (the ducts may be leaking cooled air) or – worst case scenario – air conditioner replacement.

  • Air conditioner blowing warm air

An air conditioner blowing warm air is annoying and uncomfortable. Right now, the last thing you would like is warm breezes wafting through your rooms!

Solution – As mentioned above, ensure that your thermostat has not been adjusted to ON or HEAT. It has to be set on COOL. Change the filter to allow an adequate flow of air. Next, look at your condenser’s circuit breaker; if it tripped, your air handler would continue working, but it will blow warm air until you reset the breaker.

No luck? If you are looking for a professional and reliable HVAC service provider, contact Rod’s Cooling & Heating LLC. We are just a phone call away – 316 776 4088!


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